Kent University Conservative Association

The Conservative Society at the University of Kent is the oldest political society on campus, established in 1965, the same year as the university. Ever since, we have prominently stood for the core values that we stand for: openness, free speech, discussion and respect. We aim to provide a comfortable environment for conservatives and non-conservatives alike to discuss an array of matters in politics, economics, history and so much more!

It's not just politics, though! We want to be there to offer alternatives to how the university and our nation is run!

We have a lot of things that we plan to do- we have a good time, engage in respectful debate and provide opportunities for members and students to meet politicians and academics in in-person talks. We can offer members a springboard to new opportunities in working in public service including: Conservative Campaign HQ, campaign trails during general elections, apprenticeship opportunities and the chance to meet public figures and we offer the ability for members to open their minds to new chances in life. 

We have had the pleasure of hosting Sir Julian Brazier, Rt. Hon. Jacob Rees-Mogg MP and Rehman Chisthi MP to name a few. Our wide array of appeal to non-conservatives should be noted as we aim to remove the social stigma surrounding us. 

Those who feel disenfranchised with university life and seek a safe space, we are most definitely the society for you!

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